The Ustedals fjord

Join us for a 5 or 10 kilometre trip around the Ustedals fjord, from our starting point at Geilo Beach, only 1.5km west of Geilo Centre.

Our Alaskan Husky dogs will take you across the ice on the Ustedals fjord, a little fjord in beautiful surroundings, in the middle of the valley.


The Hardangervidda plateau

For an even greater experience, join us for a longer trip on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, the largest of its kind in Europe.

If you’d like to join us for this extraordinary experience, please send us an inquiry.



5km on the Ustedals fjord:
Adults NOK 500,-
Children (2-12) NOK 350,-

10km on the Ustedals fjord:
Adults NOK 1.000,-
Children (2-12) NOK 700,-

For longer trips on the Hardangervidda plateau, please send us an inquiry.

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